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Prom - by Ye Olde Yardley Florist


You've picked out the perfect dress, now it’s time to order your flower accessories! Ye Olde Yardley Florist has the best selection of flowers to wear for your prom, wedding, or special occasion. Call and let us help you personalize the perfect corsage & coordinating boutonniere!

Lacy Rose Bouquet [T186-2A]
Lavender Heaven Bouquet [T194-6A]
Love in Blue Bouquet [T182-3A]

Passionate Embrace Bouquet [T194-7A]
Luxe Lavender and Green Bouquet [T182-2A]
Pink Sorbet Bouquet [T194-1A]

Peach Promise Bouquet [TF168-2B]
Peach Promise Boutonniere [TF168-1]
Sweet White Bouquet [T186-3A]

Lovely as a Rose Bouquet [T199-1A]
Gold and Lemon Nosegay [TF161-11]
Daydream Believer's Nosegay [TF166-3]

Oriental Lilies Nosegay [TF167-1]
Miniature Calla Boutonniere [TF169-3]
Organic Wrist Corsage [TMF-437]

Sweet Sunbeams Bouquet [T199-2A]
Prepster Floral Ring [TMF-460]
Yellow Nosegay [P201405]

White Nosegay [P201406]
Fuchsia Floral Ring [TMF-463]
Fuchsia Boutonniere [TMF-445]

Vibrant Nosegay [P201403]
Fuchsia Wrist Corsage [TMF-433]
Exotic Orchids Armband [TF165-3]

Orchid Armband [P20141]
Talon [TMF-409]
Unique [TMF-412]

Tropics [TMF-411]
Valor [TMF-413]
White Dendrobium Corsage [TF174-5]

Cymbidium Orchid Corsage [TF174-4]
Soft Lavender Corsage [T201-8A]
Celebrity Style Corsage [TPR07-2A]

Flower Ring [P201404]
Star Studded Corsage [TPR08-2A]
Green Orchid Boutonniere [T202-3A]

Roses And Ribbons Corsage [TPR16-2A]
White Rose and Orchid Corsage [TF174-3]
All Buttoned Up Corsage [TPR14-2A]

Purple Dendrobium Boutonniere [TF169-4]
Rolled Gypsophila Boutonniere [TF169-8]
Chiffon [TMF-415]

Cleo [TMF-416]
Crystal Pink [TMF-417]
Glimmer [TMF-418]

Hot Date [TMF-420]
Kara [TMF-422]
Pearly [TMF-423]

Royal Empress [TMF-424]